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Customized and Easy to use Software Solutions

POS Software
Service Centre Management
School Management Software
Website Design
Maintenance and support


RolofDynamics has now come
out with these customized and easy
to use software solutions

  • POS with Accounts
  • POS with Accounts and Service Centre Managemnt
  • Service Centre Management
  • School Management

RolofDynamics will customize any of your software solutions according to your needs

We can also design a customized software
solution for you from the scracth on request
according to your requirements.


RolofDynamics POS

Why RolofDynamics POS is unique

  • Makes it easy for customer to shop with you speedy checkout with powerful flexible features

  • Account solution (chart of accounts, cash book, expense management etc).

  • Integrated service centre management solution
  • .
  • Inventory management.

  • Customer management without duplicated names

  • Supplier management
    Employee management

  • Digital strorage of source documents (purchase invoice, waybill, purchase receipt etc).

  • Unique barcode generation and printing to avoid duplicated stock items.

  • Expiry and manufacturing date tracking

  • Serial Number tracking

  • Showroom and Sales Manager

  • Manage product pricing, discount and Vat

  • Purchase request, purchase orders and quotes management

  • Reports generation


Church Management Software


Service Centre Management Software

Provides more efficient service to our customers.

  • Job Card Creation.
  • Service Entry (Logging in complain and fault of Product, Vat , Discount, Service Centre Charges, Multiple Payment options, Refund on Service entered).
  • Warranty Check on Products..
  • Fault Diagnosis on the product by the engineers.
  • Tracking of faulty items sent to Service Centres
  • Accounting Solutions related to services.
  • Real-time business reporting
  • .


School Management Software

Software Solution for creation:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Tertiary Institutions